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Watch Johnny from Atlanta, GA Comments

Johnny wants to know if the new Quattro hearing aids are good for attending live music concerts. Leo says all hearing aids are designed to focus on speech. So music isn't really going to be an optimum experience. Leo doesn't listen to music with his hearing aids. He just uses headphones and normalizes the sound with an equalizer. 

Watch Gordon from Columbus, OH Comments

Gordon cut the cord in favor of streaming through Verizon. After he did that, his streaming speeds plummetted. But it doesn't with his computer. Leo suspects that the issue is due to the WiFi connection to the TV. Most TVs have terrible WiFi radios in them. Leo recommends having a wired connection to television. Use a streaming box, like a ROKU to handle the WiFi and then connect wired to the TV. Another option is to get a MESH Router.

There's a good article on ARS Technica about WiFi and how it's so bad. And what he can do to make it better. The placement of your WiFi router is everything. There's a ton of things getting in the way and if he can minimize the number of walls between your TV and the router, the better. And if possible, put the router high in the room. 

Another option is the Powerline Networking.

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Watch Gary from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Gary's computer slows down when he uses Norton AntiVirus. Leo says that he doesn't really need a third-party AVS anymore. Microsoft's Windows Defender is more than adequate as long as he can keep it up to date. How about Norton 360 Deluxe?? Leo says that Norton 360 offers a ton of extra utilities include spam protection, password managers, and parental controls. But Leo doesn't like their firewall. Leo isn't really a fan of all in one security solution though. He prefers what's best in each category. 

Watch David from LA, CA Comments

David wants to be able to archive all his emails beyond Google's 15GB allotment. Leo says that Google's One Drive is the best for archiving. Are there alternatives to Gmail? Leo likes Fast Mail. Proton Mail. Mail.Org. Those three aren't free though.

Watch Marie from Yuba City, CA Comments

Marie would like to save her ideas using a vocal recorder. But she can't pick up where she left off when she does. What can she use to edit her thoughts together? Leo recommends Auphonic. Leo also recommends using Garage Band on your iPhone. Another idea is Twisted Wave. 

Watch Mark from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mark has an iPhone 7, but it's stopped notifying him when he gets a new email or text. Leo recommends trying a different notification sound. But it could be time to back up the phone and then start over.  He can do that with iTunes. Then do a complete reset. 

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Watch Jack from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Jack got an antivirus notification that an Apple TV that was trying to access his network. He said no, but it keeps requesting it. Leo says that if Jack has an Apple TV, it's probably trying to connect. It uses a utility called BONJOUR to connect. It's perfectly safe to talk to your mac. And since Jack has a router, his router is a perfect firewall to prevent outside connections. That's how he'll know it's the  Apple TV that's trying to connect. So let it. And get rid of the AVS.

Watch Todd from Orange County, CA Comments

Todd has bought a music track from iTunes and has to edit it and convert it to MP3. Leo says that he can go into Garage Band and edit it. If it has copy protection, pick it up from another source like Amazon Music. Then import into Garage Band. 

Watch Sonny from Virginia Beach, VA Comments

Sonny wants to know if wireless headphones are safe. Leo says that WiFi is inherently low power and there's no evidence that WiFi or even Bluetooth is dangerous to health. 

Watch Stan from Victorville, CA Comments

Stan has Arlo security cameras around his home and several IOT devices around his home. But all his devices go off and warn him if there's movement on one camera, but not the rest. Leo suspects that your other cameras haven't had the notification enabled. ScooterX in the chatroom says that the Arlo cameras linked to his Echo need the skill to do it. Check this technote. He will need to go into his Alexa app and discover all the cameras. Once it knows about them, it'll announce them.