Sam Abuelsamid and the NTSB Tesla Report

Episode 1674 (22:56)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo to talk about the upcoming final report about a Tesla Autopilot crash that killed its driver.  Tesla blamed the driver, an employee, and there is evidence he was playing a game on his phone and not paying attention. The NTSB agreed but said there was plenty of blame to go around. The NTSB said that Tesla shares part of the blame because the automaker did not incorporate active driver monitor systems that they recommended after the last fatal crash. There's also blame laid on the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, who did not follow up on any of the recommendations from the last investigation. Now the NTSB is calling on NHTSA to include autopilot in their safety crash testing. 

Sam also says that while Tesla is selling autopilot as a self-driving feature, there is no autonomous driving feature available on any car. You can set autopilot and let it do the driving, but you still have to monitor what it does and be ready to take control at a moment's notice. There are no true self-driving cars.