Is the One Plus 7 a good phone?

Episode 1674 (49:10)

Anthony from Ventura, California
OnePlus 7 Pro

Anthony wants to know if he can still get a Nokia Windows smartphone. Leo says that Microsoft bought Nokia and came to the smartphone market with a Windows phone too late. By then, developers and carriers had already put their money on Android and iOS. Plus, Banks didn't support it with any apps. The sad part is, the Windows phone was a great phone. It just came too late.

How about the One Plus 7 Pro? Leo says that One Plus makes a great Android phone for the money. A One Plus 7 Pro is $500. It also has a great camera, a gorgeous 90hz edge to edge display. And it's Oxygen version of Android is as close to pure Android as you can get. So if you're looking for a really good mobile Android device, the One Plus 7 Pro is a great choice. The One Plus 7T is a little cheaper and is as good. What about the McLaren version? Leo says it's a 5G phone, and there really isn't any place you can get 5G speeds yet. So don't bother with the McLaren version. A lot of what you hear about 5G is just plain marketing. 

How about the International Unlocked Version. Can he get that and still use his AT&T plan? Leo says, yes. It'll work with any plan.