How can I keep using my old 32 bit software in macOS Catalina?

Episode 1674 (2:05:43)

Joe from Garden Grove, CA

Joe upgraded to macOS Catalina and has now lost his ability to use Adobe Photoshop CS5. Leo says that's because CS5 was a 32-bit app, and macOS doesn't support 32-bit apps anymore. You can subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, but that's really your only option. You can subscribe to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for $9.99 a month. If you need other apps, then you're looking at the $52.99 a month full option. One thing to consider is buying Adobe Photoshop Elements. That's about $89. 

VMWare Fusion and Parallels can run 32 bit macOS Yosemite with Photoshop virtually in emulation. Here's how -


Or, you can use Finity Photo, Designer, and publisher to do all those options. PDF Pen Pro. Check out the site AlternativeTo.Net. It'll help you find options to replace those CS5 programs you're losing.