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Watch Terry from Long Beach, CA Comments

Terry edits 4K video with his iPhone 11 Pro Max. But when he makes changes, the upload to his iMac is very slow. Leo says that no online backup is going to use all the bandwidth you have to backup. And your upload speed is always drastically lower than your download speed. Leo says that Apple does offer iCloud backup on your mobile phone, but it's only 5GB for free, and the data isn't private.  You can buy extra bandwidth, however. Leo recommends also backing up directly to your Mac. 

Can the iDrive backup put your Mac to sleep? Leo says that there is an option called "power nap" in the energy settings. It can backup using Time Machine, but it may not do iCloud backup. You can turn it off.

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Watch Anthony from Ventura, California Comments

Anthony wants to know if he can still get a Nokia Windows smartphone. Leo says that Microsoft bought Nokia and came to the smartphone market with a Windows phone too late. By then, developers and carriers had already put their money on Android and iOS. Plus, Banks didn't support it with any apps. The sad part is, the Windows phone was a great phone. It just came too late.

How about the One Plus 7 Pro? Leo says that One Plus makes a great Android phone for the money. A One Plus 7 Pro is $500. It also has a great camera, a gorgeous 90hz edge to edge display. And it's Oxygen version of Android is as close to pure Android as you can get. So if you're looking for a really good mobile Android device, the One Plus 7 Pro is a great choice. The One Plus 7T is a little cheaper and is as good. What about the McLaren version? Leo says it's a 5G phone, and there really isn't any place you can get 5G speeds yet. So don't bother with the McLaren version. A lot of what you hear about 5G is just plain marketing. 

How about the International Unlocked Version. Can he get that and still use his AT&T plan? Leo says, yes. It'll work with any plan.

Watch Mike from Yakama, WA Comments

Mike is worried that his WiFi network is compromised since his encryption was bypassed. Leo said that WEP was hacked, and routers went to WPA. And then WPA2. But the latest news is that "Krack attacks" have gotten into WPA2. Leo says it's largely sensationalized headlines and that it's very hard to do and requires a lot of time being on the network itself. Also, by now, most routers have been patched against Krack. So it's not really anything to fret over. And WPA3 is on the horizon, with new routers turning it on with a software upgrade.

Here are some things you can do:

Use 5Ghz. It's not as popular, and most hackers can't see it from the street since it can't go through walls as 2.4Ghz does. 

Watch Annette from Tustin, CA Comments

Annette has to upgrade to Windows 10, and she wants to know if Windows Defender is the best and how to get rid of McAfee? Leo says getting rid of McAffee is your first priority. But simply uninstalling it isn't going to work completely. Go to the McAffee site and get their removal tool.  Once you've run that, then you can turn your attention to upgrading to Windows 10. Download the Microsoft Media Creation Tool Disc Image. You'll want the November 2019 update version (#1909). Leo likes to put it on an 8GB USB key then to install Windows 10. Then boot to your USB key and run the update. And it'll authenticate automatically.

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Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard wants to become an app developer for augmented reality. How can he do it and create cross-platform apps? Leo says to learn Swift on the Mac, but also get PhoneGap, which will help you port any apps over to Android. But you'll lose some functions when you do because they tend to hide some complexity. Also, check out They have a great system called HOW TO CODE. There's also Doctor Racket.

Watch Charles from California Comments

Charles has upgraded to macOS Catalina 15.1, and now he's getting crashing due to an error with an iOS device. Leo suspects it may be a wifi sync issue between Charles' iPad and the Mac. So into the music settings and turn off sync library and see if that solves the issue. It sounds like a bug that Apple has to fix. Also, try opening the Activity Monitor. It'll show what processes are running and when you shut down, kill the sync process. That's not a great solution long term, but it could work until the fix comes in a future update.  A complete clean install may also fix it.

Watch Joe from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Joe upgraded to macOS Catalina and has now lost his ability to use Adobe Photoshop CS5. Leo says that's because CS5 was a 32-bit app, and macOS doesn't support 32-bit apps anymore. You can subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, but that's really your only option. You can subscribe to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for $9.99 a month. If you need other apps, then you're looking at the $52.99 a month full option. One thing to consider is buying Adobe Photoshop Elements. That's about $89. 

VMWare Fusion and Parallels can run 32 bit macOS Yosemite with Photoshop virtually in emulation. Here's how -


Or, you can use Finity Photo, Designer, and publisher to do all those options. PDF Pen Pro. Check out the site AlternativeTo.Net. It'll help you find options to replace those CS5 programs you're losing.

Watch Dirk from Colorado Comments

Dirk is now using the new Samsung A50 mobile phone, but he's having issues with his AOL mailing app now. Leo suspects that the settings are wrong in the app, and you need to google your AOL app settings so you can input the right ones. Here's how - or