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Watch Mikah from Maine Comments

Mikah is going to set up his own domain using Hover. But how does he create an email? Leo says to start with the custom domain. Then he can use Gmail to forward the email to it. Or Spectrum email, or even a paid service like Fast Mail. It doesn't really matter. Then put that into a domain record and it'll get passed on.

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Watch Bill from La Jolla, California Comments

Bill wants to know how to back up his programs when he backs up his data. Leo says don't. It's problematic and rather difficult to do that, plus it'll take up a lot of space. What Leo recommends is to image the drive and use that as a backup. He can then blast it back onto the hard drive whenever he needs. Here are a few imaging programs to try:



Drive Snapshot

Terabyte Image for Windows

Leo uses SuperDuper for the mac. The nice thing about SuperDuper, he can create a bootable image.

Watch John from Long Beach, California Comments

John needs to do sync and backup of his business. Leo recommends going with Microsoft's Azure service.

Watch Elliot from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

Elliot needs to buy a new computer for watching movies, writing documents and emails, and going online. No gaming. Leo says that opens up to either Windows or Mac, and Windows has been completely bollocked lately due to bad updates. In fact, Microsoft has admitted they no longer really test their updates before putting them out, and Leo says that's inexcusable. But if he needs a Windows laptop, then Leo recommends the Lenovo 2-in-1 laptop. The Lenovo X1 Yoga is also excellent. Great for movie viewing as it can "tent" bend backward to turn into a tablet. But it can also work as a serious Windows laptop. Dell is another excellent buy. Get one with an i5 processor.

But he can also go Chromebook if he's streaming online. And if he can afford it, MAC is probably the best option.

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Watch Jay from Lompoc, CA Comments

Jay updated his Windows 10 PC recently and it's completely screwed up now. He's had to reinstall several programs and the way the files are saved now is completely different than he's used to. Leo says he could try using the restore point, but they are inherently unreliable. It's also turned off by default, so he may not have a restore point anyway. So it's important to set a restore point BEFORE upgrading. And also, check and see if a program is still supported or not. Look to see if it's still being developed before an upgrade. What he may have to do is start over and reinstall Windows 10 from scratch.

Watch Bill from Seattle, WA Comments

Bill has over 30,000 slides he needs to digitize. Leo says that 30,000 slides are untenable to digitize. So Leo recommends triaging and culling that number to a more manageable collection of those he absolutely must archive. Then go to a company like They will not only digitize them, but they will clean them and then save them to a DVD or thumb drive for him to have. He also wants to tag the photos with metadata like when, where, and who. Leo says Camera Bits PhotoMechanic is great for that. It's around $140 and comes with a 30-day free trial. 

Bill is also having issues with Google Photos saving 4K images at full quality. Leo says that while he has unlimited high-resolution storage with Google Photos, those aren't exactly full resolution. He has limited space for that and Google may not even support 4K images. So look around for an alternative. If he's an amazon prime member... free unlimited storage.

Watch Tim from Oak Hills, California Comments

Tim wants to synchronize his data to a backup drive. Leo says that file sync for backup is better than just a conventional backup because it won't duplicate data. How can he do it with iDrive? Leo says that's how iDrive works! Once it does the first initial backup, then it syncs changes.