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Watch David from Wichita Falls, Texas Comments

David turns his computer on, and occasionally, it takes its time booting up. After a few times booting up longer, it will boot up quicker. Leo says the number one culprit is a failing hard drive. The drive may have bad sectors that Windows is having issues reading. Once in awhile could also indicate an update of some sort. Leo says that David should keep an eye on it and if it gets worse, consider backing up your data and getting a new hard drive. Or you could also reinstall Windows first, and see if that repairs the OS. Another thing to do is turn off Windows Fast Start. That can actually slow down boot-up times.

Watch Randy from Dallas, TX Comments

Randy got an Epson 2750, but he can't get it to print in color. Leo says that Epson will do a few nozzle cleans, before running a thorough nozzle clean. It'll take up a good portion of ink, but with the EcoTanks, you have plenty. Leo says that Inkjets tend to clog when not used regularly. Epson says that they coat their heads with a special coating to prevent clogging, but if you rarely use color printing, even with that, the printer will clog up due to dried ink in the head. It's just the nature of inkJet printing. So if you don't print at least once a week, maybe an inkjet isn't for you. At least print a test page from time to time.

Watch James from Parkersburg, West Virginia Comments

James has an issue where Windows will boot up with the wrong drivers after a feature update. Leo says that during an update, Windows will select what it thinks is the best driver for your hardware. Even if you prefer to use the manufacturer drivers if you built the computer yourself, you're going to need to update your drivers from the manufacturer, and they may not have updated it yet for the latest feature update. So check every once in a while for all the latest drivers.

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Watch George from Victor, Montana Comments

George has a Seagate external hard drive for storing his photos. But when he opens it, he sees everything from photos to files. Leo says it's likely that his Mac is using Time Machine, and it's backing up everything. You have the option to disable the backing of system files and other data. So spend some time in the settings and decide what you want to backup. Once you tell Time Machine what drive you want for backup, then it'll backup regularly. Leo also recommends enabling iCloud.

Watch John from Newport Beach, CA Comments

John has Windows 7 Home, and he knows he has to update to Windows 10. But how does it do it? Leo says that the first thing to do is get the Windows 10 upgrade. The best-kept secret is that it's still free from Microsoft. Google Microsoft Windows Media Creation Tool. Put it on a 16GB USB key and install it on top of Windows 7. It'll authenticate automatically, and you're good to go. 

Watch Carlos from Torrance, CA Comments

Carlos has Spectrum broadband and it starts fast but then slows down gradually to a stop. Leo says that Spectrum has a "burst mode," which is designed to fool speed tests to make you think you're getting faster service than you are actually paying for. But it shouldn't slow down to a stop. Carlos has said that they have rewired the house, checked outside, and they can't track it down. Leo says it could be a bad splice at the junction box. You can also try a new router. Really the only choice is to change providers. 

Nick calls in to mention that being in an apartment complex, Carlos is working with a shared medium where everyone is using bandwidth at the same time. It's a congested node that simply needs to be replaced. Nick recommends using an app called PING PLOTTER to show where the problem is. 

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Watch Richard from West Los Angeles, Ca Comments

Richard still uses Piscasa, and he backs up to iDrive. Are his pictures being backed up? Leo says the ones on the hard drive will be. But Picasaweb in the cloud no longer exists. It's now Google Photos. But it largely depends on what your backup options are. Check in the settings to make sure. But where are the photos? Leo says to look in your Picasa User Profile; it should be able to tell you. The Picasa Database is another location. There's also Google Photos. It's what Google wants you to use, even though there are not that many editing features to play with. A good alternative is ACDSee. But it isn't free. Snapseed is another. Irfanview. Dark Table. And Adobe's Photoshop Express. For Linux, Leo likes Raw Therapee.

Watch Gloria from North Hollywood, California Comments

Gloria said she tried to upgrade to Windows 10 a few years ago, but it wouldn't let her. Leo says that things have changed, and Microsoft really wants users to move to Windows 10. So he recommends trying again. Here's an article how -

You want to download the Windows 10 installer and run it. It'll automatically authenticate it and install Windows 10 on top of Windows 7. It should work just fine and you'll be an officially entitled Windows 10 user. 

Watch Tim from Franklin, OH Comments

Tim upgraded to the Eero 10 Mesh router and several of his IOT devices don't work. Leo says it works for him: you don't need to do anything but input the new passwords. You don't need to do anything with the SSID. Eero doesn't do anything with choosing different bands. It just works automatically. 

Watch Tony from Honey Brook, Pennsylvania Comments

Tony wants to know if guest network accounts safe? Leo says yes, they are. But it greatly depends on how they are implemented. It needs to be sandboxed from the rest of the network so it can't get access to your computer data.