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Watch Logan from Stephenson Ranch, CA Comments

Logan wants to sell his old laptop and build a new gaming PC. Leo says for gaming, he will want to get a PC that has an NVIDIA GPU. Fastest one he can afford. But ironically, the Processor is less important than the GPU now. Leo recommends going to PCPerspective and look at the Hardware Leaderboard. It shows what is the current best configuration by price point. That'll give him a good idea of how to build the computer he wants. Intel or AMD Ryzen? Leo says that on PC, all the top systems are Ryzen driven. Most games don't really care about multiple cores (processors). In fact, many programs don't, and when they do, it can actually slow the PC down, not speed it up. PCPer recommends the AMD Ryzen 7-3700. But the Ryzen 5-3600 is a good choice for the money. He can then put the money he saves into a better video card. 

As for selling the laptop, the best experience is going to be selling to a company like Gazelle. But he won't get as much as he would on eBay. But that comes with trust issues, fees, and other issues. 

Watch Roger from Torrance, CA Comments

Roger got an invoice in email and saw that it had a lot of similar details as his. Leo says chances are it came as part of a typo that misaddressed it. Nothing to really worry about. Leo gets wrong emails all the time. But there is a scam out there where people will send invoices, hoping that someone will automatically pay the invoice without paying attention. But it's easy to verify by looking at the email. Where was it actually addressed to?

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Watch Joe from New Jersey Comments

Joe wants to know about digital scales. Leo uses the WiThings Scale, which also measures heart rate and BMI. But it doesn't take blood pressure. The Body Cardio is also a good one for blood pressure. There's something called the HiGi Machine that will do all of it. 

Watch Ed from Ontario, CA Comments

Ed wants to get a wireless AV receiver for his home, that'll also work with the TV. Leo says that he uses Sonos... but nowadays, he can do the same thing Sonos does for less money. Leo says that he can get a pretty good AV receiver from Onkyo or Denon for around $400 that will stream as well, and then choose his own speakers.  It really comes down to what's most important - sound quality or price point. Leo says that he can get better if he wants to pay for it. ELAC speakers will do that. 

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Watch Tom from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

Tom grows saltwater coral, and you use an LED light to simulate reef light from morning to evening. But it's very smart and he needs to connect it to an app. It requires Windows, but he's a Chromebook guy. Is there an emulator that can work with Chromebook? Leo says that he thinks the hardware has a generic interface and a BIN file. There are Linux apps that can do that. Google is starting to support using Linux on a Chromebook, so that's one way to go. Here's a REDDIT for that - seems like a good place to hang out.

It would be much easier, however, to buy a used Windows laptop for that one purpose. He can get them for under $100.

Watch Edward from Detroit, MI Comments

Edward wants to know what happened to old classic companies like McIntosh or Marantz receivers. Leo says that Marantz is now part of Denon's parent company. McIntosh is still alive and kicking, but still too expensive. The Used Gear market may be the best option for amps. But not speakers.  Leo says the entire industry is in a state of collapse now because most kids just listen to MP3s with earbuds. 

Watch Dan from Rohnert Park, California Comments

Roger really doesn't want to move to Windows 10. He likes Windows 7. Leo says he has to bite the bullet and upgrade. Security alone makes it vital and since Microsoft isn't supporting Windows 7 anymore, he runs the risk of getting infected every day and infecting others. Windows 10 gets updated with security patches every Tuesday. So it's just important.  The good news is, if he already has Windows 7, he can download the Windows 10 Media Installer and upgrade for free. He will then have a legitimate copy of Windows 10. 

Watch Steve from Carson, CA Comments

Steve wants to install WiFi between two buildings. Leo says that after about 100 feet, the WiFi slows down. He's gotta get a Line of Sight for the access point between the two buildings. Mesh routers would help. Leo suggests looking at the RadioLabs website on WiFi extension.