Chris Marquardt and the Mini Assignment

Episode 1670

Chris gives us a mini assignment this week, similar to the ABC assignment last week. The A is for Abstract. Spend some times looking for abstract shapes, forms, colors and shoot a picture of them. B - Background. Today, we focus on the foreground. But what about the background? Take a picture that focuses on the background of the image, and how it interacts with your main subject. It could be a frame, color, shape, just about anything. Finally ... C is for Contrast. Contrast is essential for photography and how it interacts and affects the image. Contrast in brightness, color, or do the opposite and go monotone, avoiding the contrast. Or it could be the content, small vs. big, near vs. far, good vs. bad. 

Chris says bonus points if you can put all three in a shot.  Once you have your images, put them up on the Flickr Group!