Why Can't I Connect to Google Play Store?

Episode 1669 (2:02:02)

Chris from Norco, CA

Chris has a Samsung Galaxy S10 and he can't get the Google Play store to open. It crashes. Verizon says he needs to do a "function reset." Leo says Chris has to be sure his phone is completely updated. that's important. Go into the settings and see if the latest Samsung software is there. But it's probably best to reset the phone is in order. Press and hold the on/off button and select restart. If that doesn't work, then he can reset the phone to factory default settings. But restarting the phone should work. From the Chatroom - Clear the cache and data from the Play Store app. Here's how - https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7513003?hl=en

After that, backup the data and then do a complete factory reset.