What's the best microphone for podcasting?

Episode 1668 (2:02:42)

Todd from Cincinnati, OH
Heil PR40

Todd wants to know why Leo chose the Heil PR40. He's planning to do a podcast and wants the best mic he can get for the money. Leo says that Bob Heil is a legend in the music industry, having created the quadrophonic sound for the Who, and the Vocoder for Peter Frampton. Bob invented the Heil PR40 originally for HAM Radio, but it's gotten very popular with radio and podcasters. Leo likes how his voice sounds. The PR40 is also a dynamic mic; it doesn't need phantom power or requires isolation like a condenser mics. It doesn't pick up every sound, it's very directional, and that's important to Leo. The SHURE SM57 is another great radio mic. The PR40 is twice the price of the SM57 though. 

What it really comes down to though, is how the mic sounds with your voice.