How can I get rid of duplicate photos?

Episode 1668 (1:34:41)

Charlie from Potomac, Michigan
Duplicate File Fixer

Charlie bought a device from Facebook ads that backs up his pictures, but he ended up with a ton of duplicates. Is there a better option out there? Leo says that some of these de-dupers are too aggressive and deletes all copies. So before you run a de-duper, make a backup copy of your photos one more time. That way, if it does end up deleting all copies, you'll have a backupĀ on the Mac, there's Gemini 2, which is a de-duper that eliminates multiple copies of the same photo. But there are plenty of Windows versions as well. But you want one that can look deep into the file and analyzes or "hash's" the contents to compare and delete only stuff that has the same metadata. Duplicate Photo Cleaner, Duplicate Fixer; the Chatroom likes Duplicate File Detective for Windows. One challenge though is a burst mode. Where the photos are shot in a burst and are very similar, but separate, the software may not be able to differentiate from that.