Another Windows 7 Bug Gets Discovered after End of Life

Episode 1668 (02:45)

RIP Windows 7

Microsoft has discovered a second bug to Windows 7, just a few weeks after Microsoft proclaimed the end of life to the operating system. The first was a wallpaper bug which Microsoft fixed, but wasn't the end of the world. This new bug may pop up when users try to shut down their computers, telling them they don't have the permission to shut down the machine. Microsoft has said that after the Windows 7 end of life, they won't be patching the OS anymore, but Leo suspects they'll fix this one. The workaround is to create a second admin account, log into it, and then log back into the original account and shut down. But Leo says he has never seen this bug. Still, after 10 years of patches, you'd think every bug would have been rooted out. The fact that new ones are cropping up, makes Leo wonder just what a mess Windows 7 really is, and that users should upgrade asap.