Where Can I Buy a Domain?

Episode 1667 (1:21:00)

Navy from Chicago, IL

Navy wants to register a domain. What's a good site to do that? Leo says that (TWiT Sponsor) Hover is a good place. He has most of his domains registered there. One thing though, the pricing of domains has changed. They used to be about $10 a year, by the creators of domain extensions have started to charge more for their custom domains. Another good option is Google Domains. He can get a domain for about $12 a year. The chatroom says that Cloudflare has cost pricing for registration/renewal. So he can get a domain for about $8-11. 

Navy is also having issues with his computer, it won't wake up from sleep mode. Leo says his computer may actually be hibernating, where it saves content on the hard drive and then shuts down. Hibernation is notorious for not waking up properly. Also, make sure the video card settings don't let it sleep. The video card may not be waking up. Here's a shortcut to wake up your video drivers. win-ctrl-shft-b