The Giz Wiz - Spherical

Episode 1667 (2:00:30)


Dick's gadget this week is called the Spherificator, which he saw at the Inspired Home Show in NYC. Okay, so what the heck is Spherification? Here's how the company describes it. Spherification is ideal for creating pearls that will liberate their flavors while bursting in your mouth. The Spherificator uses the reaction between the vegan food additives sodium alginate (extracted from algae) and calcium chloride (a salt) to form a spherical membrane around the ingredient you choose. When a solution containing sodium alginate is dripped into a calcium bath, calcium ions react with alginate molecules by allowing them to align and bind so that a thin gel membrane forms around the droplets. The process of turning liquids into caviar-shaped pearls through the spherification technique has been around since the 1950s, but until the invention of the Spherificator, it was an extremely arduous, time-consuming and inconsistent task. If you have done it before using a syringe you will be thankful that those times are now behind us and you’ll be pumping out all kinds of pearls in no time. For an optimal burst-in-mouth effect, serve pearls within 15 minutes of creation. As the pearls sit the reaction will continue until they are completely congealed.

Dick tasted Spherificated Gatorade at the show. To him, those little beads tasted a bit weird. The device is $99.00 and it seems to be a bit of a process to makes those 'pearls' as the company calls them. Included with your Spherificator is 1 x 40g sodium alginate, 1 x 100g calcium chloride, 1 x 50g sodium citrate. There much more info on the company website, including a video.


It's also available on Amazon where it got so-so reviews.


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