Scott Wilkinson and the Super Stream

Episode 1665 (18:50)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson joins Leo to talk about the Super Bowl and how he usually just watches the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. But this year, he's interested in the game because of the 4K HDR streaming options you can enjoy. Leo says it's through the Roku Ultra and the FoxSports app. It'll also be broadcast in 60p. So 4K 60p and HDR. But it almost didn't happen, as Fox Sports and Roku had to sign a last-minute deal to enable it to happen. But Roku isn't the only option. Amazon Fire enabled sticks and TVs will also be able to do it. FUBOTV is also streaming in 4K HLG, while others are converting to HDR10. And Apple TV will stream in 4K 60, but not HDR at all. DirecTV is also streaming in HDR. 

Scott also says that the reason why Fox isn't shooting in 4K60 is that it creates more motion artifacts at this stage. So shooting in 1080p 60 and upscaling actually provides a better image. 

Today is a great day to get a deal on a new TV in time for the Super Bowl. Here are a few deals Scott recommends - TCL55R67 T is $500 at Walmart. 65" is$700. 75" is $1700 on Amazon. Samsung 65WQ70 is $1200 on Amazon.