Johnny Jet and the Corona Impact

Episode 1665 (1:12:50)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about around the world trip he's been planning for a while. Part of his stops are in Singapore and Hong Kong and the Coronavirus outbreak is making it tough. Both Delta and American have canceled flights to China this week. Flight attendants also don't want to fly into China right now, making it harder for other airlines to go there.  Check out this tool though, to see just where the outbreak really is: So China is out on the round the world trip. Check out Johnny's article here - Some airlines were easy to deal with ... Delta was very accommodating with full refunds. Americans said you can only delay flights to China until the end of the year, no refunds. Finnair is charging a 50% cancellation fee. Also wait until the last minute to cancel, because if the flight gets canceled, you can get a full refund. Travel insurance is something to think about, but Hong Kong may not be covered and Singapore definitely isn't. 

But there are some great deals right now going to China if you want to still travel there. But Johnny Jet says to just stay home. It's not worth the risk until the picture becomes more clear.