How Can I Cut Cable and Still Watch TV?

Episode 1665 (1:00:50)

Daniel from Chatsworth, CA

Daniels' cable bill keeps rising. He uses TIVO. Is there a service where he can still use his TIVO and not pay for cable? Leo says he can get an over the air TIVO, and if he has that, he can put up an antenna and still record local channels. Check out and to find out what he can get over the air in the area and what antenna is best.

Everything else is on demand. What about cable channels? Leo says that he uses YouTubeTV, but he isn't really going to save much. It's $50 a month including all locals, and even DVR access. What about getting a cable card and getting rid of the cable box. Cable companies have to give the cable card by law, but users have to rent it.