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Watch Janet from California Comments

Janet wants to cut the cable. She's heard of the StreamSmart TV box. Does Leo know anything about it? Leo says that there's a lot of boxes for sale on the internet that pirate content online. The StreamSmart TV box is one of them. Leo recommends getting a Roku device and YouTubeTV. But if you think you'll save money cutting the cord, it's not really going to happen. Internet access. Over the top live TV. A premium channel here or there. Netflix. Next thing you know, you're paying $200 a month again. It all adds up.

Watch G Scott from S Lake Tahoe, NV Comments

G Scott wants to know if he can stream 4K with Dolby without any special devices. Leo says if you have a 4K streaming box, you can plug them into your AV receiver, and if it has audio return, it should do Dolby. But Leo says he bought an all-new AV system for it. But remember that live broadcast TV won't be shot in 4K; it'll be upscaled to it. Then you'll need a 4K capable smart box. 

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Watch Bob from San Diego, CA Comments

Bob wants to know if it would be faster to use a dedicated Roku box instead of the Roku on his smartTV. Leo says, yes. Smart TV apps are never updated, while your Roku box will be. He recommends the Roku Ultra. 

Watch Tony from West Palm Beach, FL Comments

Tony has a Synology NAS, but the public folder disappeared from his Windows PC. And Windows won't let him browse to it. Leo says SMB has to be enabled for the folder to be discovered. It's the networking protocol that Windows uses. It will also give you a password challenge. But once you input the password, Windows should remember it. 

Watch Dave from Paris, CA Comments

Dave built his first computer. Leo says it's a great project for someone who wants to learn about computers. But you have to be your own tech support. 

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Watch Lisa from Long Beach, CA Comments

Lisa is thinking about changing mobile phone plans from AT&T to T-Mobile because her phone didn't do well while on a cruise and they charged her $300. Leo says that no phone plan works while you're at sea. Only when you're in port. Leo says that Lisa may have been using Cellular at Sea, and you don't want to use that because it's very expensive. You also want to be sure to turn off data roaming. Airplane mode is even better. 

Lisa is also getting "Microsoft team loading" when she turns on her computer. Leo says that even if you uninstall it, it'll load it back on. But you can disable it, and you can go into the Microsoft Office loader and disable installing it.

Watch Tim from Riverside, CA Comments

Tim wants to know if an EcoTank wireless printer can print from a USB thumb drive. Leo says most wifi-enabled printers have eliminated the need for it. But if you want to print without a computer, that's a good way to do it. From the chatroom - The Ecotank 7700 has a USB thumb drive for that purpose. You can also connect your camera.

Watch Micah from Maine Comments

Micah was frustrated with his cable company and left it for DirecTV. But the over the top services are now the same as the cable in terms of price. Leo says that's not by accident. It's by design. You also notice your internet fees are higher as well. Most of us are paying more for data and have bandwidth caps. The irony is, if you go back to the cable company after 30 days, they treat you as a new customer and give you a great deal. But it'll start going up almost immediately. And since most cable companies have a virtual monopoly in a community, there's no competition. 

Micah also says the best case available for an iPhone is a smart battery case. It not only protects your phone, but it extends your battery life by using that battery first. 

Watch Frank from Trenton, NJ Comments

Frank is interested in buying a new laptop, but with Linux on it. Is that a good idea? Leo says that System 76 uses Ubuntu, and Dell is going to be putting out a Linux laptop as well. But if you have an old Windows 7 machine, you can update it to Windows 10 for free, but going with Linux isn't a bad idea either. 

Watch Steve from Jackson, CA Comments

Steve has upgraded an older Toshiba Satellite to Windows 10, but he lost his favorites when he updated. Leo suspects that the favorites are still in Windows Explorer, but EDGE is the dominant browser in Windows 10 and probably didn't bring them over. But you can open Explorer using the Windows key and if they are there, you can export them into EDGE.