Which Laptop Shall I Buy For Writing?

Episode 1663 (1:32:20)

Cara from San Diego, CA
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Cara is a writer and wants to know what's a good backup alternative. Google Docs? Leo says that Google Docs is a good option, but what if her account gets canceled by Google? He recommends planning for the worst and having multiple backups off-site. Also don't' forget that a print out is a form of backup. Cara also wants to know what's a good computer for editing her manuscripts. She needs a fast skimming alternative. Leo says that Cara's current Chromebook is causing the lagging skims. Any modern computer will be fast enough. If it's' on a hard drive, it'll be fast. Leo says that Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is thin, light, and a great tool for writing. Nice keyboard and screen. Decent battery life. starts at $1000. 13" and 15" versions. Lenovo Thinkpads have the best keyboards and are built like tanks. The new HP X360s are very powerful and have the best battery life of any laptop, with a gorgeous borderless screen. Also, get an i5 processor. The Lenovo X1 Carbon is 14" and is quite good.