Which Chromebook Shall I Buy to Replace a Windows 7 Computer?

Episode 1663 (1:52:52)

Maria from Los Angeles, CA
Windows 7

Maria has a Windows 7 computer and with the end of life support for it, she's is looking to get a Chromebook but doesn't know which one is best. Leo says that she can still upgrade your Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 for free, and that would be cheap. But a Chromebook is a great option for someone who isn't tech-savvy. Her HP printer is rejecting her new cartridges. Leo says that's a known issue. Here's a technote - https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Inkjet-Printing/MY-PRINTER-IS-REJECTING-MY-NEW-GENUINE-CARTRIDGE-WHAT-SHOULD/td-p/6618110

As for a printer, Leo recommends the Epson Ecotank printer.