How Can I Upload Pics During a Trip?

Episode 1663 (17:00)

Patty from LA, CA

Patty is going on a Nile cruise and African photo safari. She wants to upload her photos every night. She doesn't want to bring a laptop. Leo says that Katie can use an iPad with a media dongle to plug in her memory cards. But Panasonic also has an app that she can use to connect to the camera via WiFi and move the photos over wirelessly. But she won't be able to do much photo editing. Leo brings his laptop with Adobe Lightroom on it, and plenty of memory cards. That way she can keep the cards as the originals, and upload for backup. So just swap out the cards every day. Don't erase anything. But if she wants to go light, an iPad is a great choice. What laptop? Leo says that the Acer Swift is a good option, very thin and light.