The GizWiz and the Hydrofoil

Episode 1663 (2:07:00)


This week, Dick is back with a gadget he saw at Showstoppers during CES. The Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1, world’s first production hydrofoil bike launched in the U.S. at CES. Using the same technology as America’s Cup sailboats, and seven years in development, the Hydrofoiler is the first bike of its kind to replicate the cycling experience on water. The New Zealand-based company sold out the initial pilot production run in six months, after their short video of the hydrofoil prototype went viral, amassing more than 350 million views on Facebook. Tomeet demand, Manta5 is implementing a staged delivery program with presales now open in the U.S. for delivery early this year. The Hydrofoiler redefines cycling and watersports by enabling riders to launch and plane through open bodies of water -- from ocean shorelines to lakes and rivers. (I asked about rough water and the spokesperson said you really don't want to venture out into big waves.) Cyclists can reach speeds of up to 12 mph, comparable to the speed of traditional sailboats. The bikes are made from strong carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum, making them buoyant and light enough to carry. Some Key Specs: Up to 60 minutes of riding time. IP68 waterproof battery. 460 watt-electric motor. Aircraft-grade aluminum frame and carbon fiber hydrofoils. 63 pounds (including foils and battery) 12 mph (11 knots) maximum speed ? U.S. MSRP $7,495 (excluding taxes and shipping). Preorder reservations are currently available for a 50% deposit. (In the video, the spokesperson says 10% deposit, but on their website it says '50% refundable deposit' to order.) 

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