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Watch Patty from LA, CA Comments

Patty is going on a Nile cruise and African photo safari. She wants to upload her photos every night. She doesn't want to bring a laptop. Leo says that Katie can use an iPad with a media dongle to plug in her memory cards. But Panasonic also has an app that she can use to connect to the camera via WiFi and move the photos over wirelessly. But she won't be able to do much photo editing. Leo brings his laptop with Adobe Lightroom on it, and plenty of memory cards. That way she can keep the cards as the originals, and upload for backup. So just swap out the cards every day. Don't erase anything. But if she wants to go light, an iPad is a great choice. What laptop? Leo says that the Acer Swift is a good option, very thin and light.

Watch Drew from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Drew has a Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard, but sometimes it stops working and loses connection. Leo says he had the same problem with his Surface studio. That's why Leo doesn't care for wireless keyboards. Bluetooth is notorious for that.  It requires you to remove and re-pair. 

Watch Todd from Portland, Oregon Comments

Todd is getting wireless security video from one building on his property, but not the second. He can ping it, but he can't access it off-site. Leo recommends using a MESH system to extend the signal from building to building. 

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Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris has everyone set up with WiFi through UVerse DSL, but he wants to move away from it because it keeps going down. Leo says that UVerse DSL really isn't' all that great. It's not like UVerse Fiber. He would like a hardwired system to his Eero. Leo says Eero has beacons to cover the space. Two would be enough (one base, one beacon). The benefit is that Mesh routers have a second back channel to talk between the MESH devices. That makes WIFI much faster. 

Watch Cara from San Diego, CA Comments

Cara is a writer and wants to know what's a good backup alternative. Google Docs? Leo says that Google Docs is a good option, but what if her account gets canceled by Google? He recommends planning for the worst and having multiple backups off-site. Also don't' forget that a print out is a form of backup. Cara also wants to know what's a good computer for editing her manuscripts. She needs a fast skimming alternative. Leo says that Cara's current Chromebook is causing the lagging skims. Any modern computer will be fast enough. If it's' on a hard drive, it'll be fast. Leo says that Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is thin, light, and a great tool for writing. Nice keyboard and screen. Decent battery life. starts at $1000. 13" and 15" versions. Lenovo Thinkpads have the best keyboards and are built like tanks. The new HP X360s are very powerful and have the best battery life of any laptop, with a gorgeous borderless screen. Also, get an i5 processor. The Lenovo X1 Carbon is 14" and is quite good.

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Watch Chuck from San Diego, CA Comments

Chuck is still using the iPhone 6 and is planning to get a new model soon. He hears that T-Mobile is merging with Sprint. Will his phone work after? Leo says the merger isn't a done deal... but if it is, his iPhone will probably work better since it's all LTE and his coverage will increase greatly.  

Watch Dave from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Dave's friend wants to watch videos she's taken, and there's about 58GB of them. Would DVDs be a good choice? Leo says that DVDs are a technological dead end. He recommends an AppleTV. But she'd need internet access. The benefit would be able to play via Airplay from her Phone. But the videos flip sideways since she shot them in portrait mode. How can he do a batch conversion? Leo recommends Handbrake! It's free and will do all the conversion. But the flipping may still be a problem. The TV is ignoring the orientation information that is embedded by the iPhone. There's also a command-line tool called FFMPEG. Convert to widescreen format with a "door in the middle." Look for FFMPEG Manual on google.

Watch Maria from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Maria has a Windows 7 computer and with the end of life support for it, she's is looking to get a Chromebook but doesn't know which one is best. Leo says that she can still upgrade your Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 for free, and that would be cheap. But a Chromebook is a great option for someone who isn't tech-savvy. Her HP printer is rejecting her new cartridges. Leo says that's a known issue. Here's a technote -

As for a printer, Leo recommends the Epson Ecotank printer.

Watch Tom from Carson, CA Comments

Tom has a Dell Laptop that has an administrator password he doesn't know. How can he get into Windows? Or should he just wipe the drive and start over. Leo says wiping the drive is definitely the easiest way to do it if he doesn't need the data from it. Use the Microsoft Media Creation Tool and install it via USB. But he can't get past the firmware password. Leo says that won't get fixed with a hard drive reset. If he can't call the company for the password, then he'll have to do some serious googling to try and break it. PCUnlocker is a program that can do it. But it's not free.