Why does my streaming stall?

Episode 1662 (1:47:28)

Steven from San Antonio, TX

Steven has a wireless HDMI connection to stream from his computer to his TV. Some times it "hiccups" or even crashes. Leo says that wireless HDMI really isn't that good. What's happening is that the video packets are being dropped and the TV just moves forward if he doesn't get it all in order. So it may wait until it gets the latent packet, or just move on without it. That's why streaming tends to buffer up to 30 seconds in order to wait for a dropped packet. When the buffer drops to zero, it'll rebuffer to get back ahead. Wireless HDMI doesn't have that option, so it just drops it and moves on. It may also lower the quality or resolution. 

Wireless must also deal with congestion caused by other wireless devices on the same frequency. How to make it better? Go wired instead, if you can. Or get closer to the wireless transmitter. Or choose a lower quality image.