What is a Good Alternative to Gmail?

Episode 1661 (1:33:30)

Jason from Henrico, Virginia

Jason would like to move his email away from GoDaddy, but he doesn't want to use Gmail. Any options? Leo says the nice thing about having his own domain, is that he can move it anywhere, and even to another registrar. Jason may need to jump through a few hoops, but it can be done. He can also go into the domain record and forward the email to another host. It's under the MX record. Leo recommends using a paid one, because it will not only give support, but they won't close the account out of anywhere. Should he run his own server? Leo says no. Don't do that. Its too much work. Leo recommends FastMail and Tuta Nota. Both provide IMAP email servers and storage and privacy. Another one is ProtonMail. But Leo really likes FastMail.  FastMail will even host an email domain.