What's the difference between dual active SIM and dual standby SIM phones?

Episode 1660 (1:21:03)

Rick from Torrance, California

Rick wants to know the difference between dual sim standby phones and dual sim active phones. Leo says that most modern phones now support dual sim active, enabling you to switch between two lines with one phone. Most use two SIMS, but other phones, like the iPhone 11, offers an eSIM option, where you have one actual SIM, but an electronic SIM for another phone line. Dual Standby means both connect to their networks, but independently. Dual Active Means there's two sets of receivers, one for each carrier SIM. Check out the ZenPhone Max Pro N 2. It also has the 500 MaH battery, the largest out there. 

He wants to have two different numbers that can receive text messages. What Leo thinks is best is text message forwarding through a service like Google Voice.