How can I get a text message when my solar power system goes down?

Episode 1660 (1:30:59)

Scott from Laguna Hills, California
Solar Power System

Scott has solar power and occasionally, the system will pop a breaker and go off. But he won't get notified that it's happened, even though he has an IP based system. How can he set up a text message that can notify him when it happens?  Leo says if it was public, you could use a service like If This, Then That, to send you a text. But since it's private, then you may have to create your system using an old computer or raspberry pi to run a process that would ping your system to see if it's up and running. 

From the Chatroom FRESHPING. And PINGDOM. But Twillio also offers PINGS. There's also this courtesy of Scooter X -