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Watch Rich from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Rich has a bunch of filing cabinets full of papers he wants to digitize. Thoughts on how to do that? Leo says the first step is to get a network-attached storage (NAS) so he can access the data. But you can also use a laptop with a 1TB or larger hard drive. That'll work too. To scan, the Epson Fast Photo has a sheet feeder that enables for high speed, high volume scanning. The feeder will scan up to 1 page per second. Another option is Neat Receipts document scanner. Both will create PDFs pretty quickly. 

Would it work with a Chromebook? Leo says it should.  You could use Evernote to scan them in as well.

Watch Don from Springfield, IL Comments

Don has noticed someone from the Ukraine has tried to log into his Microsoft account on a weekly basis. Should he be concerned? Leo says as long as you don't use the same password, have 2-factor authentication, and have a password manager like Last Pass, there's no way he can get into it. But make sure you have 2 Factor turned on just in case someone manages to guess the password. It will then ask for an authentication code from you through Microsoft Authenticator, which notifies you via text. It's very secure.  It's likely he got your email address and an old password from a security breach. You can verify if your email has been leaked with

Watch John from Valencia, CA Comments

John recently discovered that he was being charged 2.1GB for Sunday, even though it was Saturday when he found out. What gives? Leo says it's likely based on UTC Universal Time Zone or Greenwich Mean Time. So that's why it's listed as tomorrow. But if you have had data used up when you're not using it, then someone may be "borrowing a cup of wifi" from you. You can also check your router's data logs. Call AT&T and tell them that you aren't using that much data.

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Watch Lon from Apple Valley, CA Comments

Lon wants to try and get rid of duplicate files that were created when he file syncs. Leo says that there are DeDupes out there, but Leo recommends 2nd Copy to file sync and merge duplicate copies. Another file sync is Free File Sync. Microsoft has RoboCopy, which is a command-line function. 

Watch Jon from Leesburg, Virginia Comments

Jon wants to know how to use LastPass. He's having a lot of trouble as a blind man to use it. Leo says that while every company may not have a legal obligation, they certainly have an ethical obligation to make their software accessible. LastPass may have a full-time accessibility person, and if he contacts LastPass, they could help him figure it out. 

Watch Grant from St. Paul, Minnesota Comments

Grant wants to know how he can mount his monitor so he can view it while lying on his back. Leo says that most monitors have a VESA compatible connector, and you can easily mount one on the ceiling or nearby wall and angle it with a monitor arm. Check out the Fully Jarvis arm by ErgoTron.  A monitor stand could also work. 

Watch Rick from Torrance, California Comments

Rick wants to know the difference between dual sim standby phones and dual sim active phones. Leo says that most modern phones now support dual sim active, enabling you to switch between two lines with one phone. Most use two SIMS, but other phones, like the iPhone 11, offers an eSIM option, where you have one actual SIM, but an electronic SIM for another phone line. Dual Standby means both connect to their networks, but independently. Dual Active Means there's two sets of receivers, one for each carrier SIM. Check out the ZenPhone Max Pro N 2. It also has the 500 MaH battery, the largest out there. 

He wants to have two different numbers that can receive text messages. What Leo thinks is best is text message forwarding through a service like Google Voice.

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Watch Scott from Laguna Hills, California Comments

Scott has solar power and occasionally, the system will pop a breaker and go off. But he won't get notified that it's happened, even though he has an IP based system. How can he set up a text message that can notify him when it happens?  Leo says if it was public, you could use a service like If This, Then That, to send you a text. But since it's private, then you may have to create your system using an old computer or raspberry pi to run a process that would ping your system to see if it's up and running. 

From the Chatroom FRESHPING. And PINGDOM. But Twillio also offers PINGS. There's also this courtesy of Scooter X -

Watch Jim from Denver, CO Comments

Jim wonders if a VPN is really worth it for daily life, and can it be used to control the content his kids watch? Leo says maybe not. But Leo says that OpenDNS certainly can.  It enables you to filter content so that kids can't go where you don't want them. A VPN is used to carve out a tunnel online so that others can't see what you're doing. So it's the opposite. But OpenDNS is great for protecting your kids from the stuff out there. A new router can also do the same.

Watch Michael from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Michael was in Las Vegas recently and took some great time-lapse photos, but when he plugged in his SD card to his computer, the photos can't be seen. But he sees them on his camera. Leo says that Michael's camera can be connected via WiFi to his mobile device and he can send it that way if you see them in the DCIM. Was it Raw? Your computer may not be able to read it without a reader. It may also be that your SD card has failed, but the camera can see the thumbnails. Leo recommends using Recuva (Windows) and see if you can recover the files. If a Mac, there are other file recovery options. PhotoRec is a free and open-source option. Works for Mac.

The chatroom suggests connecting the camera to the USB of the computer and see if you can read them directly from the camera itself. Leo also recommends not using that SD card again.

If you're importing raw in Apple Photos, it won't import anything it can't read. 

Watch Hugh from Savannah, GA Comments

Hugh wants to know how to recover music purchased online. They are WMA files and are copy protected. Leo says that most DRM copy protection has been cracked and removed. DRM Media Converter will do it. 

Watch Lori from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Lori wants to make a photo book of her dad's photos. She needs to scan them. Should she use a phone app or get a scanner? Leo says the Epson Fast Photo is excellent because it handles photos through a sheet feeder. But it's not cheap. Your phone or camera app will work. You just have to be sure it's evenly lit. There are a ton of apps that can do it. PhotoScan. PhotoMyne. Another option is ScanCafe, which will send you a box that you can fill and then send it to them and they will not only scan the images but clean them up and color correct them. Then they send it back with a DVD.

A photo book service like BLURB will work, as well as Shutterfly.