Leo's Excellent CES Adventure

Episode 1659 (01:55)

CES Adventure

This week, Leo ventured to Las Vegas for CES 2020, where he roamed the halls guerilla-style to get reports on the latest gadgets which may, or may not, hit the market. Leo says 8K TVs, the latest in smart car technology, and more. Leo says that for TVs, the latest is microLEDs, which Leo says is the future of the medium. As for 8K, it looks great, but there's no content right now.

Leo also saw 5G and AI and frankly, Leo wasn't impressed. A robot pizza maker isn't AI. Leo also says that AMD is now a serious competitor for Intel and that's very good for us.  Sony showed off a car concept, and One Plus made the Concept One with McLaren, but if you're not going to really bring that concept to the market, what's the point? 

You can watch Leo's CES videos on YouTube or at TWIT's Event site.