The GizWiz and the Smart Potato

Episode 1659 (2:04:20)


Dickie D is back from Las Vegas, where he joined Leo on his excellent CES adventure. Dickie D likes to look for the crazy tech at CES. One device is Project NESSA, where women can virtually try on different outfits and warn you if you've worn an outfit before to a specific event. But the find of the day was the Smart Potato. the $34 Smart Potato inserts a blade-like device to use 'potato energy' to power the Bluetooth antenna attached to the inserted electronic card. Then, you can use your potato just like Alexa or Google Home. Just say “Hey Potato” and ask your question.

From the company: Gold electrodes are used to pick-up the potato brainwaves, which are immediately sent to the onboard Artificial Intelligence processor. This is the result of intensive research, including weeks of cloud processing and terabytes of big data training. POTATO decodes potato language and translates it into a Bluetooth connection. POTATO can instantly turn any organic spud into your new best friend smart assistant. No more difficult decision making. Just open the mobile app, connect your phone to POTATO and ask your potato for wise advice. You can also monitor your potato health and feelings in real-time.

POTATO is available for pre-order on Indiegogo
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Turns out, the creator of the smart potato is a parodist who went to CES to make fun of technologies that are silly.

Leo found the Keurig of Olive Oil and the Keurig of Muffin Ovens.