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Episode 1659 January 11, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Ivan from Brisbane, AUS Comments

Ivan has a 2 drive NAS that has files he needs, but the RAID 1 hard drive are reading as corrupted. He believes it is the corruption of one, synced to the other. Leo says that the hardware is probably fine, there's just corruption in the files themselves. But it could be a physical issue making it worth using SpinRite to repair it. However, if the corruption has spread, that points to a software error in the files, not the hardware itself.

Watch Lex from Richmond, VA Comments

Lex hears that "end of life" support is coming for some Chromebooks. How safe will a Chromebook be after those dates? Leo says that new devices will have six and a half years of auto-updates, while much older generation Chromebooks have already been phased out of support. But Chromebooks are still incredibly secure. It'll be fine to continue to use.  Will a VPN help? Leo says not really. 

Leo also says a serious flaw will be fixed, so there's no need to worry. Websites may find browsers out of date, but that's a few years off. It really annoys Leo that there's a preprogrammed obsolescence in perfectly good technology. 

Watch David from Venice Beach, CA Comments

David wants to know how he can stream movie files from his computer to his PlayStation. Leo says he can cast to the TV, but probably not PlayStation. If the TV or projector has an HDMI port, he can plug in a Google Chromecast and then cast it from the computer. ScooterX says he can put PLEX on Playstation and then it becomes a media server to cast from the computer.

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Watch Micah from Maine Comments

Micah's friend is going to Guatemala and he convinced her to get a new iPhone 11 for the trip. But her cell phone company won't take the phone unless they buy it from her. Leo says that's not true at all. The iPhone is unlocked by Apple. She may have to reset the APN so that the phone will download the proper network settings from US Cellular. One thing to consider is GOOGLE FI. It uses Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular. It won't work an iPhone on anything except T-Mobile, but it will work with a Moto G7. 

Watch Cara from San Diego, CA Comments

Cara's mother is recovering from a stroke and she wants to know how she can still communicate by email on her Chromebook. Leo says that Google Assistant will voice dictate, so she can activate it and dictate. Then she can clean it up before sending it. Google has gotten really good with it. The Google NEST Home Hub Max makes a great video caller. She can also do that. There's also the Facebook portal. One even connects to the TV.

Watch Kevin from Missoula, Montana Comments

Kevin wants to know about getting his data into the cloud. Leo recommends starting with DropBox. But if he has GMail, he already has 15GB of Google Drive for free. Amazon Prime also backs up photos and videos for free. 

Kevin is also concerned about the end of life for Windows 7. Leo says that's coming this week and the good news is, that Microsoft never turned off their free Windows 10 upgrade. So it would pay to download the Windows Media Creation Tool, download the Windows 10 installation ISO, install it on a USB Key and upgrade that Windows 10 machine. It'll then authenticate for free. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Chris from Orange, CA Comments

Chris wants to know if the SoloShot robotic camera would be good for recording his son playing hockey. Leo says the technology which follows people is pretty cool. That could be an ideal way to keep track of his kid during the action. Another one called Pixio uses a smartphone. But the downside is that when he is indoors, he'll need to set up additional transponders to know where it is in the indoor space. 

Watch Joe from Weeki Wachee Spring, FL Comments

Joe wants a good camera for his upcoming train trip. Would a GoPro work or should he rely on his cellphone? Leo says either will work, but he wants to be sure the mobile device has image stabilization. He could get a gimbal for the smartphone too. That'll stabilize the image. Leo recommends the DJI Osmo. 

Watch Jerry from Hatfield, VA Comments

Jerry is into ham radios and he wants to know if a software-driven radio is a way to go. Leo says that everyone is going with software-driven radio design now, and a lot of Chinese companies have flooded the market with inexpensive models. SDR USB dongles can even turn a computer into ham radio. But he's frustrated because it doesn't save his information or channels and he has to reacquire everything. Leo says that sounds like a flaw in its design. It could also require a driver for that USB dongle. Or, turn on the computer. Let is power-up, and then plug it in. That'll properly install the drivers and save the settings. 

Watch Don from Malibu, CA Comments

John wants to save SMS text messages. Leo says that in his Android device there is a built-in backup for text messages in the settings. But there's also a ton of apps out there including SMS Backup and Restore. SMS Android Plus. Check out the article here -

You can also backup text messages to a Gmail account using SMS Backup. Check it out here -