Is the Orcam worth getting for a blind reader?

Episode 1658 (33:35)

Robert from Mira Mesa, CA

Robert wants to help his uncle, who's blind, to read from his library of 6000 books. He's heard of the Orcam, which scans pages and reads them to you. Is it legit? Leo says that it looks promising, but it's very similar to the Google Glass technology. But since Orcam obscures the price unless you give them personal information, that makes him think it's very expensive. Amazon is selling them for $3250, however, But it could be covered under insurance, or help from the American Federation of the Blind. Orcam has demo days, so if they're having one near you, it would be worth checking out. But your mobile device may be able to do this through its accessibility settings. The Google Pixel 4 does it. 

Another option is to get him a subscription to Audible. 

Julian is a technology accessibility expert. Anyone who is blind can be helped by having an expert to consult with. His website is

Microsoft has an app called Seeing AI that can help blind people read. Envision AI is another for both iOS and Android.