Scott Wilkinson ... CES 2020 Pregame

Episode 1657 (18:40)

Scott Wilkinson

CES begins next week and Scott joins Leo for the 16th straight year to talk about what we can expect to see. In fact, they met at CES during the first week of the Tech Guy 16 years ago. What can we expect? Scott says we'll see more 8K displays, which Leo says is rather silly. Just how realistic do we need TVs to get to real life? Scott says that while resolution is one consideration, there is a greater sense of depth, thanks to HDR and video processing. So the depth of field looks more realistic. Upscaling will look much better as well, like going from HD to 8K. Or 4K to 8K. We'll also see HDMI 2.1 being big. It can carry up to 48GBps. A ton more data. Enough to stream 8K. But Leo says that nobody has enough bandwidth for that, so it will be highly compressed at best. 

Scott also says that more Chinese TV companies will be entering the US market. Quantum micro LED TVs will also be popular. Really tiny LEDs that will translate to just about any size TV that you want. There will also be more OLED TVs in the market, with TCL showing off OLED models. They will also have Mini-LED backlight panels, which will make for a more consistently lit screen from edge to edge. 

Also look for light field displays, with true glasses-less 3D experience. That'll be interesting. 

Scott will also put about 25 miles on his feet when it's all said and done.