Can I Still Upgrade to Windows 10 From Windows 7?

Episode 1657 (14:44)

Dan from Woodland Hills, CA
 Windows 7

Dan is concerned about the end of life for Windows 7. How will that affect him? Leo says that January 14th is the drop-dead date for updating Windows 7. After that final Patch Tuesday update, Microsoft will no longer support or update Windows 7. Leo says it does not cause for worry, but it makes it worth considering updating to Windows 10. What Microsoft wants, ideally, is for everyone to buy a new computer. But people can buy Windows 10 for $139.  But here's something nobody at Microsoft will tell... users can still get it for free. Make a bootable installer using the Windows Media Creation Tool, and update it. Microsoft's servers will likely authenticate your Windows 7 key and update it. If it doesn't work, then users can roll back to Windows 7. Then they can go to buy it. But it's worth trying to do the free upgrade path.