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Watch Dan from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Dan is concerned about the end of life for Windows 7. How will that affect him? Leo says that January 14th is the drop-dead date for updating Windows 7. After that final Patch Tuesday update, Microsoft will no longer support or update Windows 7. Leo says it does not cause for worry, but it makes it worth considering updating to Windows 10. What Microsoft wants, ideally, is for everyone to buy a new computer. But people can buy Windows 10 for $139.  But here's something nobody at Microsoft will tell... users can still get it for free. Make a bootable installer using the Windows Media Creation Tool, and update it. Microsoft's servers will likely authenticate your Windows 7 key and update it. If it doesn't work, then users can roll back to Windows 7. Then they can go to buy it. But it's worth trying to do the free upgrade path. 

Watch Alex from Northridge, California Comments

Alex wants to do Facebook live by connecting a GoPro to his iPad. Leo recommends considering buying the MEVO camera. It is designed to stream live directly to Facebook, YouTube, etc. in 4K. If he streams in 1080p, it's like having 4 cameras at once. If going with the GoPro, then he'll need to use GoPro's software to do it. The challenge will be inputting the audio. The chatroom says he can use a USB-C mic adapter into the GoPro. GoPro has a 3.5mm adapter here.

The Blackmagic ATEM Mini is another option, and it's supported by the iPad.  

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Watch Jeff from San Dimas, CA Comments

Jeff wants to know why his Xbox gets better WiFi reception than his Vizio TV. Leo says it's simply the quality of components. The Xbox offers a computer grade WiFi antenna, while the Vizio likely has a much cheaper part. TV Wifi is terrible as a result, and Scott says if he can hardwire the TV, it's always better, especially for streaming. 

Watch Timmy from Oak Hills, CA Comments

Timmy installed POP-OS Linux on an old HP laptop. But when he reboots, it won't update the system files. Leo says that this is a common issue in Linux, where, for security reasons, unsigned software isn't allowed to be installed into Linux. Leo says he will need to get the new key for that version of Linux and install it through the command line. Once that's installed, it'll update. Talk to support and they'll walk through it. What about the KeyRing password? Leo says it's probably login credentials.

Watch Gloria from North Hollywood, California Comments

Gloria wants to know if buying a computer on the home shopping channel is a good buy. Leo says that it's usually an older model that is underpowered and even may be discontinued. It's usually the same models seen at big box stores like Costco. If she can send it back, go to Costco instead. Gloria can save more for the same model. But Gloria got a good price that's within the price range for that model. She could even go to and find out if she got a good deal, and maybe get a better price for a refurbished model. Is it secure? Leo says yes. It'll be fine as long as Gloria can keep it updated regularly and avoid opening attachments or strange links!

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Watch Rachel from Springfield, Illinois Comments

Rachel has a RING doorbell, and she doesn't like the latency of it. Leo says the Hello Doorbell is always on, but the drawback is, that it uses a lot of bandwidth. But the benefit of the RING is that it's battery-powered, and as such, it works even in a power outage. She can also get multiple chimes for around the house. From Scooter X in the chatroom -


Watch Michelle from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Michelle bought a new laptop running Windows 10 S mode, but she can't install Google Chrome.  Leo says that Windows S mode won't let her download and install third-party apps that aren't in the Microsoft app store. So she has to get out of S mode. She can turn it off, download Chrome, and then turn it back on. But keep in mind that Microsoft's new EDGE browser is based on the Chrome engine. So she could just use that. Turn off S mode and life will be much easier.

Here's how -

In fact, Microsoft has stopped offering S mode because of this hassle. 

Watch Kevin from San Diego, CA Comments

Kevin bought some Feit smart bulbs from Costco. Leo says that LED light bulbs can be controlled by mobile phones. But he's concerned about security because they connect to his network. Leo says that's a concern with IoT devices. But if he can keep it up to date, he'll be fine. But the risk is there. He's also been using an Apple Airport. Leo says Apple isn't supporting the Airport anymore and he wants a WiFi 6 router. Leo recommends the TPLink Archer A7.