Should I buy an iPad, Chromebook or laptop?

Episode 1655 (45:01)

Sundeep from Orlando, FL

Sundeep is trying to decide whether to get a Chromebook, a laptop, or an iPad for traveling. Leo says that for what Sundeep is needing, the Chromebook is probably out of contention. But the iPad is a great option. Because everyone has a mobile device now, Airlines no longer have entertainment systems onboard, choosing for streaming content via WiFi. You merely download the airline app, and you can watch movies, TVs, etc. That's where the iPad can shine. The iPad Pro is beneficial because it has a type C connector enabling you to load your own content as well as have a generic power adapter to recharge it. But when will the new iPad be arriving? Leo says likely in the Spring, March or April. But if you can't wait, there's no worry; the current iPad Pro is very powerful. 

But don't fool yourself into thinking that the iPad Pro is a computer. While Apple's intent is that it is, it really isn't. There are some things you can't do one an iPad ... YET.