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Watch Tom from California Comments

Tom wants to know how a VPN can be secure or even fast if it has to cross ISPs. Leo says that is a good question. Leo says that a good VPN will have little latency, but the larger question is, who is running your VPN? That's who you're trusting with your privacy and security. 

Watch Fred from Columbia, MD Comments

Fred isn't happy with Amazon because they listed his Amazon Echo for $24.99, keeping it just under the threshold for free shipping. Leo says that Amazon is losing money with free shipping. Likely, they are merely trying to recoup some of that. So you end up buying more to get that free shipping. It's a brain game.

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Watch Sundeep from Orlando, FL Comments

Sundeep is trying to decide whether to get a Chromebook, a laptop, or an iPad for traveling. Leo says that for what Sundeep is needing, the Chromebook is probably out of contention. But the iPad is a great option. Because everyone has a mobile device now, Airlines no longer have entertainment systems onboard, choosing for streaming content via WiFi. You merely download the airline app, and you can watch movies, TVs, etc. That's where the iPad can shine. The iPad Pro is beneficial because it has a type C connector enabling you to load your own content as well as have a generic power adapter to recharge it. But when will the new iPad be arriving? Leo says likely in the Spring, March or April. But if you can't wait, there's no worry; the current iPad Pro is very powerful. 

But don't fool yourself into thinking that the iPad Pro is a computer. While Apple's intent is that it is, it really isn't. There are some things you can't do one an iPad ... YET.

Watch Lance from Muskeegon, MI Comments

Lance wants to listen to alternative audio on his TV while watching video. Leo says that if you're connected via HDMI, the TV will play both automatically. The only real option may be your AV receiver, but that's likely going to do the same thing. Component out might work. 

Watch Eric from San Diego, CA Comments

Eric travels a lot and he wants to take his workstation and create a server he can access online. But he's concerned that his subscription licenses won't be verified if he accesses them remotely.  Leo says this is why he hates copy protection. It's a hassle for people who play by the rules. One thing Eric could do is uninstall his Creative Cloud apps on one computer and reinstall on his mobile devices. That'll clear one of his licenses for use while traveling. 

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Watch Ed from Crossville, TN Comments

Ed has a 13" MacBook Pro and after moving his music over using iTunes, he now has duplicate files and they won't play anything. Leo says what you want to do is import the music and not make a copy of it. That will tell iTunes where to go to access the music. So now, Ed will need to get a dedupe app to remove the duplications. Or you can search for everything that includes "copy 1" and "copy 2" and delete them. Then reimport them without "making a copy" enabled. That will reindex iTunes, pointing to where the files live on your external drive. 

Watch Steven from San Antonio, TX Comments

Steven recently bought an iPhone 11 and he's concerned about it getting wet. Is there a good waterproof case? Leo says that Lifecase is a great option. But you want to be sure you get one that it fits in. Don't use an old one. The phone also won't make a call in the lock screen, and facial recognition isn't working. Leo suspects Steven has a lemon on his hands and he should go back to Apple and ask for a replacement. You can also update iOS and see if that fixes any bugs.

From the chatroom -

Watch Dan from Chicago, IL Comments

Dan's Epson printer won't take his wifi password anymore and he can't update the firmware. Leo says Dan may have changed the WiFi password and forgot to input that new password into the printer. That's easy to forget to do. Leo recommends resetting your printer and then re-enter the WiFi password on your network setup. You'll also be able to download and install the firmware update.  If that doesn't work, you may need to reset your WiFi password and start over. 

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris had an issue where the power went out and wants to know how he can have an always-on WiFi thing no matter what. Leo says that the only real solution is redundancy. Leo has three different ISPs for the studio, so if something goes out, they can switch over. So if you have an iPad with LTE, you have a backup. And you can always hotspot through it. Another option is a pay as you go access point with day passes. That way, you can turn it one when you need it. Try SkyRoam. 

Watch Bob from Honolulu, HI Comments

Bob wants to know if eFax is still a good option to get faxes without a landline. Leo says that eFax will convert your fax to a PDF digital copy. You can then sign it digitally and then resend via eFax. There's no need to have any other hardware.