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Watch Alan from Florida Comments

Alan wants to know more about YouTube TV. Leo says that YouTubeTV is an "over the top" streaming service which offers live streaming of TV programming, including local channels. But he advises that Cord Cutters are now paying almost as much, if not more than when they paid for cable service. But it's mostly ala carte.

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Watch Dennis from Marina del Rey, CA Comments

Dennis has an original Google Pixel but he's having issues where he has to reboot it. Turns out it's a motherboard issue with is the phone. But the recall has passed and he was never notified. Leo says that he isn't sure companies are required to inform their customers, though they should. Google is also going to retire that model anyway, so it's high time to get a new one. Leo recommends the Google Pixel 3A, and it's on sale right now for around $229. Best deal out there right now.

Leo did some searching during the break, and he found a deal at Amazon for $260. If he's OK with a refurbished model, Dennis may find it cheaper.

Watch Joey from San Diego, CA Comments

Joey doesn't understand why powerline internet isn't a bigger thing. Especially for municipal internet. Leo says that BPL (broadband power line) has a problem where it interferes with radio signals. In essence, BPL was killed by an aggressive lobbying campaign by amateur radio operators and manufacturers for that very reason. But ISPs may have also had a hand in it. Leo also says that ISPs are against community-based broadband. 

Watch Judy from Torrance, CA Comments

Judy bought a new Epson EcoTank printer but she hears the prints will smear without special printer paper. Leo says that's silly. She won't need to spend more to get a good print with Epson. Regular copy paper is fine. 

Watch Mark from Alhambra, CA Comments

Dennis ported his home phone over to VOIP service with DSL Extreme. Now that he got a fresh credit card, they can't bill him. So his phone service is now canceled. Leo says that when he gets a new card, it has a different number on the back, and he needs to advise them of the new number. But DSL Extreme is no longer in business!. Leo says that SONIC is the best ISP in the nation and it'll be worth moving to.

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Watch Ding from San Rafael, CA Comments

Ding got a notification recently about a Zelle transaction and wants to know if his bank account has been hacked. Leo says that unless they have your bank information, they can't. Signing up with an email account won't really do anything. But if one suspects something has happened, it may have been a keystroke logger or someone that stole information, but it's unlikely. If he is running Windows 10, then he should run Windows Defender, updating it regularly. There's no need for a third party AntiVirus. And he may want to change the bank account, demanding 2-factor authentication. Also use a password manager like LastPass or 1Password. It may also be a good idea to backup data and then reinstall Windows 10 from a known, good source.