How Can I Recover My Gmail Account?

Episode 1652 (35:10)

Thomas from Riverside, CA

Tom moved to another state and his Gmail account has been locked out. How can he get back control of it? Google says he has to go back to the old location to recover it. This is why you use an alternate address for recovery. But if that doesn't work, you may be out of luck since there's no support. Leo says before anything happens, to do the security checkup. Turn on 2-factor authentication, and set up a secondary email that isn't Gmail for recovering it. Also, periodically, back up your email through Google Takeout. But Leo also suspects that Thomas' Gmail account may actually have been compromised, with spam being sent from it. That would prompt Gmail to lock the account.

From the chatroom - The chatroom also says to try "tweeting" google support. There's also