Hacker Uses Ring Camera to Pretend he's Santa, Talking to a Child

Episode 1652 (1:37:55)


This is creepy. A hacker managed to hack into a ring camera placed in the bedroom of an 8-year-old girl, and then pretended he was Santa Claus talking to her. RING said it wasn't a breach in Ring's security, but was due to the parent not using a unique user name and password. She used the same one as for other things, making it really easy to breach. Leo says that hackers can read a unique signature for internet enabled cameras and then can use that login to brute force it open. Leo says to stop reusing the same password. That's a recipe for calamity. Use a password manager to generate long passwords. Leo uses LastPass. But there's also One Password. Dash Lane. BitWarden. Keypass. 

Also check out haveIbeenpwned.com to do a security check on your passwords.