Can I use my own router for FIOS?

Episode 1651 (1:28:34)

Andrew from Brewster, New York

Andrew has Verizon FIOS and wants to know if he can use his own router. Leo says that Verizon bundles the router/modem together. Leo says you won't save any money since you have to use Verizon's modem/router anyway. But if you want to do your own router, you can turn off HDCP in the Verizon router and then use your own router for a better experience.  Here's a YouTube video on how -

Mike in the chatroom says that you can replace the router and save on the rental, while you still need Verizon's "ONT." You have to have that. So it depends on if you have to have it or not. 

Mike is also getting a message in Windows 10 that "expanded hardware is not protected," Leo says the Windows Security Manager complains and makes recommendations. But as long as Windows 10 is activated, you have nothing to really worry about. Just make sure you keep it updated.