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Episode 1650 December 7, 2019

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Audience Questions

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Watch Dean from California Comments

Dean is a pianist and teacher and he wants a large tablet that he can use for his sheet music. His friend has an iPad Pro, and he wonders if there's a PC version like the Onyx Book Pro. Leo says that the real key to using a tablet is that if it has the apps necessary to use digital sheet music. Leo says that the basic iPad is very good for this purpose and is very popular with musicians. Samsung has the Note Tablet as well. That runs Android. But for Leo's money, the iPad Pro is the ideal solution. It also has the Apple Pencil which allows you to annotate it. A good app is FORSTER

Watch Vince from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Vince is going to be sailing around and he wants a tablet to stay connected. Leo says to stay away from third-party tablets and stick to the iPad or an Android tablet. They are the most reliable. Cheaper third-party ones will not give you the experience and performance you need. Leo also recommends getting a Dual Electronics Stand Alone Bluetooth GPS receiver. Leo has one and it's far more accurate than the GPS in the mobile devices.

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Watch Mark from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Mark wants to know how to prevent his SSDs from wearing out. Leo says that SSDs now use a technique called Wear Leveling to even out the wear of the memory to make them last longer. But one drawback from SSDs is that users can't really eliminate all the data when they erase it. They can't even use DBAN for it. So the drives can't be completely wiped. The best solution is to encrypt drives, so they will never be accessed. 

Watch Tom from California Comments

Tom wants to know what is the advantage of updating to macOS Catalina and can he? Leo says it depends on how old the Mac is. He may not be able to go all the way up to Catalina! In general, he wants to stay up to date. But that one caveat is the 32-bit issue. Check out this link -


Watch John from Connecticut Comments

John has an iMac and he wants to be able to make a bootable image. For the Mac, Leo uses SuperDuper for that purpose. For free, there's also EaseUS. Here's a complete list:

Imaging options -


Drive Snapshot

Terabyte Image for Windows


Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Timmy from California Comments

Timmy wants to dive into Linux. What's his best option with a dual boot with Windows? Leo says that Linux is a great open-source option. Leo's current favorite version is Debian. It's a wide range of software to support it. But he may not find drivers to support it for the hardware unless he goes to the manufacturer's website. There's also a similar version called POPOS, which comes with just about any driver one can find out there. So that's a better option to get started. 

Watch George from Webster, NY Comments

George uses a Chromebook, but lately, his Keyboard has been switching to another language. Leo says that if he uses another language with an Android device at times, Google may remember that and switch it suddenly. That's where the powerwash option comes in handy. It'll reset everything. He can also go into advance settings under language and input methods, and disable any additional languages for Chrome to support. Also, check the spellchecker. Maybe it has an Arabic set. But PowerWash is a good alternative to start over.

From the chatroom, if one uses the keyboard combination CTRL Space accidentally, it'll swap the language. 

Watch Carl from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Carl is having a Chromebook issue where he's typing, the tab and address bars will disappear. It goes full screen. Leo says to use the keyboard combination Alt "-" to reset it. Also check the function keys, like F11. He may strike the wrong one and boom, he's in full screen. That's likely the issue. Carl also powerwashed his Chromebook and he can't log into his network because the keyboards reset. Leo suspects that Carl may have a faulty or damaged keyboard.

Watch Brian from Corona, California Comments

Brian's printer recently died after 10 years. He only prints about 50 pages a month. What printer should he get? Leo says that the Epson EcoTank is a good buy.