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Watch Bob from Des Moines, IA Comments

Bob is buying the new Apple MacPro. He was thinking of getting the XTR monitor, but he's not high on paying $1,000 for a stand. Leo says that the monitor is really a color reference monitor for professional colorists. It's a beautiful work of art, but it's also $6,000. So for 99.9% of us, it's not necessary. But if you're doing video, you're going to want a very color-accurate monitor. Apple will likely continue to sell the LG UltraFine 5K monitor as well. It's expensive as well, but not nearly as much as the Apple monitor. Leo suggests getting two less expensive monitors or one wide monitor. Asus and Dell both make very good extra-wide monitors: the Dell Professional 27" is $640. 

Watch Grant from St. Paul, MN Comments

Grant wants to get his mom a computer and is thinking of getting here a Chromebox. Leo says that's a good option for most people because most just surf. The average price of a Chromebox is $250-350 without a monitor, which is another $100. Add a keyboard and a mouse, and you're still under $500. If you already have the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, then you're still under $300. You can even buy a used one from Acer for under $150. An iPad is another option; you can get one on black Friday now for around $229 from Apple.

Watch Mark from Colorado Springs, CO Comments

Mark is looking to change his ISP because his service is just too slow. DSL is only 3MBps. He's looking at wireless (WISP). Leo says that WISP isn't a bad way to go, but you have to buy all the equipment upfront, and you may have bandwidth caps. But it's an alternative for a rural area.

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Watch Timmy from Oak Hills, CA Comments

Timmy has heard that Microsoft is going to kill support for Windows 7 on January 14th. Is that going to be a security problem? Leo says essentially, yes. You'll be on your own as Windows 7 goes end of life. You can get Windows 10 for free in most cases if you still own Windows 7, and Microsoft is hell-bent on getting everyone to WIndows 10. Also, after January, most other browsers and other software updates will stop supporting Windows 7 as well. But if you take it offline, you can still use Windows 7. Just not for the internet. 

Watch Gary from Buffalo, NY Comments

Gary recently reformatted his hard drive as part of annual maintenance. Now, though, he is having issues using an online database using his Microsoft account. If he uses a different account, it's fine. Leo says that it could be that Microsoft is copying settings the online database doesn't support. And Microsoft is making it harder to use Windows 10 with a local account. Leo also says that the database is misconfigured. Gary also can't use Internet Explorer, which the database requires. Leo says that Microsoft has killed IE, and as such, it's no wonder Gary is having issues. It sounds like the city IT department is obsolete and in over their head. If you're still using Internet Explorer, you can try clearing the browser history and cache completely. They may be using an old cookie, which is no longer supported. 

Watch Jerry from Hatfield, PA Comments

Jerry has an old HTC M8 cellphone he'd like to root. But he's worried that he'll brick it. Can he buy one already rooted? Leo says no. But if you go to XDA-Developer Forums, and input the exact model of your phone, you can get a step by step directions. 

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Watch Gary from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Gary wants to know how to sort out his photographs. Leo says to download Chris Marquardt's 1 Hour, 1000 Pics. It'll help you to rate your photos to only keep the best. You can give each photo a rating depending on whether you want to keep or share them, and then delete the ones with 0-1 stars. 

Watch Joseph from Dalton, GA Comments

Joesph is getting popups. Leo suspects that there's adware installed on his computer, and you can go through add/remove programs to uninstall whatever you don't recognize. Look for browser extensions, as well. You can also run the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and Windows Defender to get rid of any malware.

Watch Jeff from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Jeff wants keyboard shortcuts for his iPhone. Siri keeps misquoting him. Leo says that Siri, and other voice assistants, aren't too bright. But over time, it should adjust to your voice and style. Go to settings - general - keyboard - text replacement. Look in there. Leo also recommends using iOS 13 Shortcuts. That's a great way to customize your iPhone to do things you do all the time.  

Watch Bird from Freeport, Michigan Comments

Bird has 15 Macs at work that he has to set up. He wants to know if he can do a net install to create a setup when connecting the Mac to the network? Leo says that Apple has a Net Install option through the System Image Utility. It's a simple google search. There's also a company called JAMPH that can do it for you. They are the leaders in network Mac management.