Scott Wilkinson and the never ending sale

Episode 1648 (26:22)

Scott Wilkinson

Black Friday may have passed, but with Cyber Monday just two days away, Scott is back with another round of killer home theater deals. Scott says that Best Buy has been open later this weekend, and the larger TVs are very cheap ... 75" for $750!  Unbelievable deals, sure, but Scott warns that you may end up with compromised performance. If you can't really see the difference, it may not have that huge an impact, but to the educated home theater eye, once you learn what to look for, you can't unsee the flaws. So when it comes to BlackFriday deals, sometimes, ignorance is bliss. But always keep in mind, you get what you pay for. But most of the deals will be on last year's models, so that's not too bad.

And even though Black Friday has passed, today is Small Business Saturday and Monday is Cyber Monday. Plenty of deals are still to be had.