How Can I "Go Dark" and Eliminate Cable TV?

Episode 1648 (2:05:15)

Risa from Orange County, CA

Risa wants to "go dark" and eliminate her cable access. She wants to know if a Chromebook will work to replace her computer. Leo says a Chromebook is great for a lot of online applications. Leo says she can cut the cord with her cable company, but if she's using the internet from that same company, she will likely have to pay more if she plans on streaming. But if she is planning on getting a landline, then she could get DSL internet access. Or, if she is using phone service through the cable company, then she'll have a phone that makes calls over the internet (called VOIP), she could be able to make calls that way. But she will need a phone that is powered by the phone company. Chances are, that would be AT&T. Get Universal Lifeline Service which is about $10/month. 

In most areas in the country, the fastest is the cable company. But a fiber provider may be an option in your area. But it's not cheap to install. 

Also, to stream, Leo recommends a ROKU. That would enable streaming online. But users would end up paying for live TV, Netflix, Disney+, plus paying more for internet access. In the end, users are not saving anything to "cut the cord." Not anymore.