Are Apple Airpods Pro Worth $250?

Episode 1648 (1:49:33)

Mark from Sacramento, CA
Apple Airpods Pro

Mark wants to know if Apple's Pro AirPods are worth the $250 price tag. Leo says that what makes them so expensive is that they are active noise-canceling headphones. But Leo prefers in-ear monitors because they are passive canceling, better audio, and more comfortable to wear. Leo also says that Apple didn't design them to replace the batteries, so when the batteries die, he can only throw them away. That's wasteful. Look at Amazon's EchoBuds. They are just as good and only $129. Leo says they are just as good for 1/2 the price. The Jabra Elites are also pretty good. There are much better choices out there for less money than Apple's Airpods Pros.

Mark is also having issues using his Harmony Hub remote with his new TV. Leo says that Harmony has a database of almost every TV product Check online and talk to Harmony support. They're pretty good.