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Watch Alan from Adelaide, AUS Comments

Adam wants to create a new RAID 5 array, but his current RAID 1 system went belly up as he was converting to RAID 5. Can he get his data back? Leo says probably not through the RAID itself. He could take one drive out and try to recover, but Adam may have been too deep in the conversion process to restore the data. But the good news is, that he can take the drive out and plug it into the existing PC and see the data. If the data is mirrored, it should be easy to recover with a utility like Recuva. EaseUS also has a free drive recovery tool. He can probably use those to see the files. 

Watch Jason from Cooper, TX Comments

Jason is ripping DVDs and he wants to know how to convert them to use PLEX on the Roku. Leo says to convert using HEVC H.265. While it won't give quality better than the original, it will look as good as it can get. To encode, Leo recommends Handbrake.FR and VLCMedia Client. Regardless of what encoder Jason uses, though, he should make sure to use HEVC H.265

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Watch Jeff from Marshall, IL Comments

Jeff is concerned with the current state of online security. So many companies are taking security for granted. They send software passwords in an email and other foolish acts online. Leo says that the CTO should know better. But Leo also admits that security is hard, and there's no such thing as perfect, bulletproof software when it comes to security. Inevitably, the software will get flaws, as they get updated. But a lot of the software has dumb mistakes that slip through due to arbitrary deadlines. Even a company like Apple can end up with undetected bugs in their software, in spite of a lengthy beta test. And even when they get it perfect, they could mess that up with an update or a new feature. 

But poor security practices are also a major issue and comes from an outdated manner of thinking that security online wasn't really an issue back in the old days. Nowadays, if it's online, it's a target, and CTOs and security experts need to think like a bad guy and always think what's the worst that can happen. Or, it'll cost more to fix than the company is willing to pay. It helps when customers who care point out flaws, however.

Watch Dale from Clio, Michigan Comments

Dale has an iPhone 6s Plus and the battery isn't keeping a charge like it's used to. He's also noticing that his screen feels like it's starting to bulge. Leo says that Dale needs to take it into Apple because the battery is starting to swell and that's a hazard. And Apple may replace it for free. They'll at least replace the battery for $99. If he can't go to an apple store, an authorized Apple repair store will suffice. Or he can try and do it by mail.

Watch Kevin from Missoula, Montana Comments

Kevin is looking to upgrade from his 16GB Samsung Galaxy S5. He wants a phone that can multitask. He also is kinda stuck with Consumer Cellular's choice. Is the S10+ a good one? Leo says that the S10+ is larger with a bigger screen, more memory, and better camera. But the S10E is still pretty good. And now is the time to shop. And make sure to save money for a sturdy case. Another option is the One Plus 7 Pro/7T. 

He also can't get notifications. Leo says to look in the app settings to see if he has turned off notifications. It's also a good idea to turn off the phone and turn on once a week. 

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Watch Mark from Sacramento, CA Comments

Mark wants to know if Apple's Pro AirPods are worth the $250 price tag. Leo says that what makes them so expensive is that they are active noise-canceling headphones. But Leo prefers in-ear monitors because they are passive canceling, better audio, and more comfortable to wear. Leo also says that Apple didn't design them to replace the batteries, so when the batteries die, he can only throw them away. That's wasteful. Look at Amazon's EchoBuds. They are just as good and only $129. Leo says they are just as good for 1/2 the price. The Jabra Elites are also pretty good. There are much better choices out there for less money than Apple's Airpods Pros.

Mark is also having issues using his Harmony Hub remote with his new TV. Leo says that Harmony has a database of almost every TV product Check online and talk to Harmony support. They're pretty good. 

Watch Tamar from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Tamar let her grandson use her iPad, and now there's a ton of games on them and she's concerned that there may have been a security issue. Leo says that Apple's app store is very safe, and as long as her credit card wasn't used, or as long as he hasn't made any in-app purchases, she's safe. And it's off by default. To delete, just press and hold until it jiggles and then select the little X to delete. She can also turn off In-App Purchases completely. Here's how.

Also, sit down and give the kid a little chat.

Watch Risa from Orange County, CA Comments

Risa wants to "go dark" and eliminate her cable access. She wants to know if a Chromebook will work to replace her computer. Leo says a Chromebook is great for a lot of online applications. Leo says she can cut the cord with her cable company, but if she's using the internet from that same company, she will likely have to pay more if she plans on streaming. But if she is planning on getting a landline, then she could get DSL internet access. Or, if she is using phone service through the cable company, then she'll have a phone that makes calls over the internet (called VOIP), she could be able to make calls that way. But she will need a phone that is powered by the phone company. Chances are, that would be AT&T. Get Universal Lifeline Service which is about $10/month. 

In most areas in the country, the fastest is the cable company. But a fiber provider may be an option in your area. But it's not cheap to install. 

Also, to stream, Leo recommends a ROKU. That would enable streaming online. But users would end up paying for live TV, Netflix, Disney+, plus paying more for internet access. In the end, users are not saving anything to "cut the cord." Not anymore.