Is there a good 4K monitor for my computer?

Episode 1647 (1:35:08)

Mike from San Diego, CA
Dell U2718Q

Mike is looking to upgrade his PC display with a 4K monitor. Is there a monitor out there as good as the 5K iMac? Leo says that you can get a 5K monitor that is comparable. Costco has a 43" Dell 4K monitor. Will it be pixely? Or will it look good? Leo says that Dell makes really nice monitors. But Dell has two lines: an inexpensive line that's less color accurate, and an expensive line that is color calibrated. So it depends on what you want and need. If you're into photography and video, you want a calibrated display that can give you the full-color gamut. But if you're gaming, that's less important. If you don't care about that, then the lower end Dell will be just fine. Their Dell UltraSharp is very affordable.  You can get the 32" model for under $275.