Scott Wilkinson ... Black Friday Deals 2019

Episode 1647 (1:59:10)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo after a brief bout with Larengitus, to talk with Leo about this year's Black Friday deals. Scott says that while rumors are that Black Friday deals are for products just made for Black Friday, he says that isn't true at all. They are mostly for overstock, last year's models, and even this year's models. Abe's of Maine has killer deals on OLED TVs, including the LG C9, for 52% off. 65" C9 $1750.

In the speaker category, the Sony Core SSCS3 and the CS5 Bookshelf are 50% off at Best Buy. You can even buy a Sony Atmos system for half off. Klipsh is also 50% off.

Soundbars: Amazon has the Yamaha YAS207 with DTS Virtual X for half off ($150). Vizio's 5.1 soundbar with satellites is $150 from Costco.   

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